Article Directories and Ezines

If you can write, you can make money online with article directories and Ezines.

Let’s say you enjoy raising pygmy goats.  You’re an expert on pygmy goats.  You know how to breed them, what they eat, how to handle their health issues and just where to tickle them to make them giggle. You are The Pygmy Goat Whisperer.

Write articles about pygmy goats and submit them to an article directory like Article Dashboard, or an Ezine.  Within your article on Pygmy Goat Nutrition, you can insert hyperlinks to your webpage where you sell All Natural Pygmy Goat Food.  People come to the article directory searching for pieces to place on their websites.  Someone chooses your article and it’s spread to all the visitors to that particular website. People begin to visit your website and start buying the things you have to sell.  They sign up for your free Pygmy Goat Newsletter, and join your Pygmy Goat Lovers Membership group, at a price of course.  You are making money various ways and it all started because you love pygmy goats and you wrote an article about it.

Your marketing goes on and on as long as your article is available on the directory.

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