Ebooks, Affiliates and Blogs

An eBook is short for Electronic Book, it’s created on a computer and sold digitally to customers.

You’re reading one right now!

It does not pass through editors and publishers who all take a portion of the profits from the author. If you can write and are an expert on something, you can write an eBook and sell it online.

An Ebook has distinct advantages over a regular book in that you can place hyperlinks into an eBook that will direct customers to websites where you may be selling products relating to that particular eBook. In this way you make money once on your eBook sale and then again when your customers pay you a visit on your website.

You can place Affiliate Links in your book. An Affiliate link is where your customer clicks and is taken to a place like Amazon or another website selling products. When they purchase products from these links, you the author, are given a portion of the sale.

If you enjoy writing, you may wish to try your hand at writing a blog. The subject can be anything of interest to you, and you can place ads targeted to your audience on your blog.

When items are bought by your readers through those links, you make money. Ka-ching!

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