Internet Marketing

There are numerous ways to make money through Internet Marketing.  What you’re going to need is a product to sell, whether it be a physical product or a digital product of information.

Let’s say you create garden gnomes, in all shapes and colors.  Some are happy some are sad and a few are just plain creepy looking. Now you want to make money off your gnomes.  You will need to market them.

You’ll need a website, a sales page, pictures of your gnome inventory and your prices.  Setting up a domain, an account with paypal and then advertising your wares in various places is all well and good, but what if no one comes to visit your site?  You have no traffic.  You need traffic.

Market yourself.  Put your name out there as THE person to see for garden gnomes. Put in keywords, the words that search engines look for people are searching for things online, all through your website.  Visit other sites that are garden gnome related.  Trade links with them, foster a relationship in gnome forums and brand your name. Make sure that when you post, your signature has a link to your website in it. Advertise through Google or other web pages.  Bring in the customers.

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